How to Get An Auto Title Loan

An auto title loan, also commonly referred to as a car title loan, is a loan that utilizes the equity that you have already built into your vehicle to provide you with money. While people come to CashPoint for all kinds of reasons, we have found that a “typical” customer is someone needing to generate cash quickly while perhaps not having a line of credit. But whatever your reasons, you will find that with this type of loan there are some advantages with one being that the key criteria for the loan is not based on your existing credit score but rather is based on the value you have built into the vehicle that you own.

Typically the process of obtaining an auto title loan is pretty straight forward.

1) You bring your vehicle down to a CashPoint Kansas office.
2) One of our CashPoint appraisers reviews your vehicle.
3) You provide our representative with proof of income.
4) You provide our representative with your driver’s license or other acceptable state issued ID.
5) You and our representative agree on deal terms for the life of the auto title loan.
6) You drive away in your own vehicle, with cash in hand.
7) You continue to retain possession of your vehicle provided you continue to honor the terms of the loan that you and our representative agreed on.

This entire process can be done in as little as 15 minutes. So come on down to CashPoint and get your auto title loan. If you have more questions we’d be happy to answer them either in person by visiting one of our locations or you can contact one of our representative on the phone, toll free, at 1 (888) EZ BUCKS.

Again, as a reminder, when coming down please make sure to have all the necessary documentation with you as otherwise we will not be able to process your auto loan request.